EMA, SUPERTREND and PARABOLIC SAR intraday strategy

Supertrend indicator is a trend following indicator which can be used to identify upward or downward trends.A stop and reversal (SAR) occurs when the price penetrates a Parabolic SAR level.

BUY :When Current close is greater than supertrend and parabolic sar and current low crossed above ema of period 100 and current open=current low.

SELL: When supertrend crossed above ema of period 13.

 set su = SUPERTREND(7,3,SIMPLE);
 set ma1 = EMA(CLOSE,100);
 set ps = PSAR(0.2,0.02);
 CLOSE > su and CLOSE > ps and CROSSOVER(LOW,ma1) and OPEN = LOW;}

 set su = SUPERTREND(7,3,SIMPLE);

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