• Our company values – Greeksoft is a market leader in the algorithm trading solutions in lndia. Our strategic goal is to be a long-term partner helping our customers to define, devise and maintain trading solutions, whilst at the same time continue to develop and innovate in order to maintain our position as the industry leader


  • Customer Relationship – Our customers are Greeksoft’s most important business partner. They do not depend on us, we depend on them. They are not an interruption of our work; they are the purpose of it. They are not an outsider in our business, they are part of it. We do them no favours; they are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to work for them.


  • Passion– To maintain our position as the industry leader, we have to demonstrate a passion in every aspect of our role within the organisation. We have to think laterally, dynamically and intelligently and continue to strive for perfection.


  • Transparency – We practice total transparency & openness in business functioning, customer & supplier transactions & HR policies.


  • Team Spirit & Loyalty– Customers always view a company as one single unit. Loyalty to our fellow employees and our customers goes hand in hand. We are positively and negatively impacted by one another and this interaction has an effect on our working environment. We are proud of what we do and who we represent. We all enrich through our experiences the fabric of our company, our business, our partners and our personal achievements.