Greeksoft Automated Trading Software : BSE Leips Algo


Greeksoft Technologies Automated Trading Software G.A.T.S is one of the leading providers for B.S.E Liquidity Enhancement Incentive Programme (LEIPS) .We have more than 120 Members trading in market making scheme through our algo’s. But what exactly is BSE LEIPS?

The Liquidity Enhancement Incentive Programme (LEIPS) was launched by the BSE to strengthen the derivatives trading platform at BSE. The programme gives cash incentives to both market makers and general market participants for trading in the SENSEX, BANKEX and 30-SENSEX stocks futures and options contracts. It is designed within the formal guidelines laid down by the SEBI in this regard. LEIPS has had a tremendous response from the investor/broker community, and more than 350 members have traded in BSE’s derivative segment after the launch of the programme.

A market maker is a member who provides for buy and sell orders within a maximum spread on continuous basis for a minimum quantity. The maximum spread and the minimum quantity can be decided by the exchange and the market maker.

Some of the significant features that characterise LEIPS are as follows:
$ It is the first of its kind liquidity-enhancement programme in the country
$ It is a transparent and all-inclusive programme
$ It offers incentives for trading and open incentives
$ It has the lowest transaction fees in the country