EMA, SUPERTREND and PARABOLIC SAR intraday strategy

Supertrend indicator is a trend following indicator which can be used to identify upward or downward trends.A stop and reversal (SAR) occurs when the price penetrates a Parabolic SAR level.

BUY :When Current close is greater than supertrend and parabolic sar and current low crossed above ema of period 100 and current open=current low.

SELL: When supertrend crossed above ema of period 13.

 set su = SUPERTREND(7,3,SIMPLE);
 set ma1 = EMA(CLOSE,100);
 set ps = PSAR(0.2,0.02);
 CLOSE > su and CLOSE > ps and CROSSOVER(LOW,ma1) and OPEN = LOW;}

 set su = SUPERTREND(7,3,SIMPLE);

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Volume Breakout

Volume breakout is a volume spike in a bar which is above average.

BUY :When close is greater than ema of 21 period and current volume is greater than ema of of 50 period for volume and is also greater than 1.5 times previous volume.

SELL : when ema of 50 period crossed above ema of 21 period.

set ma1 = EMA(CLOSE,21);
set v1 = EMA(VOLUME,50);
set v2 = REF(VOLUME,1) * 1.5;
CLOSE > ma1 and VOLUME > v1 and VOLUME > v2;}


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Range Breakout

This strategy uses 50 week break out system excluding the current day.

BUY   : When Current high crossed above 50 week (350 days) high .
SELL : When Current low crossed below EMA of period 9.
set hv = MAX(HIGH,350);
set ma1 = EMA(CLOSE,5);